Tom DeRosa, Founder & Managing Partner

Tom is an accomplished and recognized leader in Executive Search, with a consistent track record, that has delivered a level of production amongst the top 1% of his peers.  He has over 20 years of experience leading organizations and building relationships through hard work, integrity, and delivering upon promises.

With over 15 years of Executive Search experience, Tom has built organizations of all sizes, from seed-funded startups, to global leaders with annual sales in excess of ten billion dollars.  He has dedicated the last 10 years towards recruiting for Cleantech companies, with a focus on energy storage, solar, wind, energy efficiency and IoT solutions.

Tom’s renewable energy experience is not limited to search.  In 2002, he was an early advocate of a rooftop-mounted wind-powered generator for residential and commercial markets, which included a battery storage system and reverse meter.  This early experience led to insights associated with state and federal laws and tax incentives, and the inherent complications of our archaic energy grid.

Of note is his extensive experience within the network communications industry, having built some of the most successful companies, with security, VoIP and video equipment utilized by the Service Provider (Wireless, Wireline and Cable) and Utility markets.  Prior, and before Google, he founded and ran a small Boston city search engine and portal with website design and hosting services. Tom’s network communications and overall technology experience enables him to bridge the gap between technology and energy.

Tom lives in CT and enjoys an active lifestyle that includes the gym, snowboarding, ice skating, wakeboarding, hiking and camping.  He also practices sustainability, including DIY solar projects, organic gardening, and raising organic hens for eggs.